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 Do you want to generate a super income from a business that can easily run on autopilot? Hey, does not everyone? Unfortunately - this is not a simple passive system that runs on autopilot.
So, is CB Passive Income 4.0 is a Scam?
Or is this program still worth something? Let's know, in my CB 4.0 passive income review.
Product: CB Passive Income 4.0
Creator: Patric Chan
Price: $ 47 per month, or $ 97 on the price of one. More additional sales.
What is CB 4.0 Passive Income?
This program was developed by Patric Chan, who is a well-known internet marketer and author of a couple of books, including: "Awakening Millionaire."
 How Patic Chan Makes Money
The idea behind the program is that you can create a business that works for you on autopilot and in which you have to learn almost nothing about internet marketing.
The only aspect you really need to learn, which relates to generating traffic.
You will need to direct traffic, (visitors) to a landing page, where you will be presented with an attractive offer for a free product, (a free report or ebook) - in exchange for your email address.

I will always be skeptical of any program that purports to give you a business on "autopilot" ... because that is never the case.
The word "autopilot" is just an attraction for people who really want to make money online, but who do not have the technical knowledge to begin with, who may feel they do not have time to learn well and just want something they can set Essentially and forget.
That is not to say that a company can not be passive or practically run on autopilot, that is possible. But it would also take years of dedicated work and it will not be something that simply falls on your lap with the purchase of a program.
Unless you are completely outsourcing people to generate traffic to your site, (and that it would take a considerable amount of work to manage anyway) it will do a lot of work after you sign up for this program!
How does this system work?
Simply put, you are offered a pre-created squeeze page ready to go and should direct traffic, (paid or not) to this landing page that will pick up email addresses in exchange for a promotional gift.
Patrick then adds his subscribers to a list and sends them motivated sales emails. If one of your subscribers buys a product from Patrick, you earn a commission.
 CB passive income ... three steps ...

You never have to get in touch with these subscribers yourself, they do not interact with them, you do not have to build a relationship with them.
The only thing you have to do, is to direct the traffic to your landing page. That's the catch, though, because generating traffic can be the most difficult task for any novice marketer.

(If you have any experience already, then this could be more of a worthwhile product).
The problem is, you can not gain free Google traffic, unless you are going to create blog posts and direct them through the blog entry to the landing page - as a single duplicate web page will not rank.
But if you start writing blog entries and SEO learning, (search engine optimization) use social networks, search, blogger in order to get free traffic from Google then hold on ... the autopilot's factor is Flying quickly through the window ...
You could pay for the content to be written, but this could also be a big or a little expense, this depends on your knowledge in pay ads, like google adwords, Facebook ads, 7search, twitter ads Instagram ads ... is the best fast option To see results almost on the same day or week also month.
If you want to start going to all those problems, then you can also go all the way and just start your own website from scratch, instead of relying on this model, where you have limited control and be at the mercy of Patrick Chan .
Their alternative methods of generating traffic could include social media, paid advertisements - solo ads seems a popular choice, but can be very expensive very quickly - video marketing and general pushing.
Trying to master a couple of these methods would take work and time. You may also discover that your prospects do not become sales, either ... this has been a common complaint.
You will also have very limited control over your business and I feel this is one of the biggest falls.

About what if you should have already experienced it?

So, you may be thinking "so what? I already know all about traffic generation, I just added this system into your additional revenue stream .."
Well, if you already have enough experience that you can create your own content, have some SEO knowledge, paid traffic experience and so on, then you really do not need this program.
You can promote any product you like, you have total freedom to promote what you like and build your own list ...
However, you could add this in addition to doing all those things anyway, if you wanted to and maybe you could rack up some extra income.
You may feel that the Patric has somehow got an edge when it comes to email marketing - maybe you think it's going to turn people into the ones they've failed previously.
Well, it would be much more beneficial for you to learn about all these things by yourself over the long term - not to mention more cost effective!
(Psst ... Actually you can start learning online with all the important marketing information that the daily sends to your mail along with automated tools for free to accelerate the results for which you are paying, indeed it is Of great value since you can use it to create blog, email marketing lists of how to get free traffic and much more ...)
• You can build lists of subscribers that you like and trust in you ... it is well known that the traffic through email is the most effective and personalized for building a relationship with your list using this method!
The training:
 CB passive income 4: 0 traffic generation ...
It is not surprising that a wide range of video marketing training to help you start generating traffic to your landing page.
One way to generate traffic, is by using solo ads.
This is where you can advertise on other Internet merchants mailing list. This is probably one of the most effective methods you can use, since the leads you generate will be well targeted.
You will also be going through another person's list, where trust has already been built. People want to buy people they know and trust!

Other covered methods include:
• Facebook marketing,
• guest blogs,
Yahoo Answers,
• Youtube videos,
• the marketing of the forum,
• squidoo and so on.
This will be very slow and certainly will not be automatic a passive ... unless you outsource the traffic generation aspect too!
But with all the information provided by Patric, it is possible to direct the advertising to the ideal audience, the interested in this type of product being promoted.
An idea would be to put in your own time, in the beginning, and - if you start to see sales - you can decide if you want to outsource some of the jobs.
Do you want to be at the mercy of Patric Chan?
The Pro version will seem appealing to many, as it means that you can control your own leads that are generated.

This is certainly the wisest choice.
On the contrary, however, perhaps, if you already have a web side business that is doing well and you want to see if you can generate some extra revenue through a program like this, at least you really You will have the opportunity to check it out - since there is a 60 day money back guarantee and if you are not making any money by then, you can cancel the whole affair.

How much?
You can also get special bonuses at this present time when you register.
• 6 Months of Insider Training & Tools Membership Worth $ 282 SPECIAL BONUS # 1: The Digital Cover Creator.

• Of course email killer at home, full of email marketing tactics.
• SPECIAL BONUS # 2: The Traffic From Google Home Course
• SPECIAL BONUS # 3: The Email Assassin Home Course
More relevant bonuses - since you would not be creating e-books or sending emails to yourself - but these are still good skills to learn for future referrals!
If you have something more than this business and have some knowledge in internet marketing, these could also be useful for you.

Conclusion: Is CB Passive Income 4.0 a Scam?
CB passive income 3.0 is definitely not a scam, in my opinion.
Of course, as every product has its buts, for that Patric gives 60 days of testing, if at that time does not get the desired results can request the refund, and they do if you put obstacles,
Ultimately, over the time I've tried it I'm already seeing my email list grow and I've also been benefited with the powerful marketing tools as well as all the information I've received.
So there is nothing to lose or risk in order to make the decision to buy this product.
As it is not the 60 day money back guarantee - there is nothing to lose by checking for yourself!
A simple step by step system, which is easy to set up.
Decent partner field, there is a lot of video training here, covering a broad spectrum of topics and a wealth of ideas on how traffic can be generated.

If it does not bother you to have little control over this business, it does take a lot of the hassle that you would have to go through creating everything from scratch.
You just have to concentrate on learning about traffic generation, rather than content creation, SEO learning, keyword research, supplying products to promote and so on ... As a newbie this would save a lot of time.
A full 60 day money back guarantee. Try  Now!

First, I want to give you my hard work for free. Download Now 

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